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Self Massage at Home 

On the hunt for some things to do at home to help you relax? Learning how to give yourself a massage at home is an excellent way to treat yourself (or someone else) with some much needed self care.

This online session will relieve tension in your body and soul.


Heather will guide you through some self-massage techniques. You'll learn about pressure points, massage moves and how best to alleviate stress in different parts of your body. When you can't get anyone to work out those knots, you'll now know how to help yourself.  You can rely on all the amazing tips and tricks you learn in this class time and time again. If you have a busy week, get out your oils and give yourself a rub to lighten that stress.


It's a productive thing to do at home that not only helps you feel more refreshed but can be a meditative way to improve focus.


EidynWell Partner Workshops

Sano Pilates & Wellness has partnered with EidynWell to offer online health & wellbeing programmes.


Federica, EidynWell's founder, is a psychologist and certified health coach who has developed a range of online courses aimed to help you build resilience, control stress and optimise your mental wellbeing. All courses are fully online, self-paced and feature a variety of engaging content, from videos to quizzes.


As a Sano Pilates & Wellness client, you benefit from a 5% discount on all EidynWell courses, just enter the coupon code SANOPILATES at checkout.