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It's a Lifestyle 

Sano Pilates and Wellness was founded back in 2019 with the mission to be a place where everyone is welcome and anyone can come, get fit and feel healthy. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to this or are just ready to take it to the next level.


Our holistic approach sets us apart from any other Pilates and Wellness Studio based in the Edinburgh area and we will help you get where you want to go. 


We look at the big picture and combine the best aspects of all types of fitness facilities, holistic and beauty therapies to embody this approach and redefine what a state-of-the-art Pilates and Wellness Studio can be.

Since showing up can be the hardest part, we strive to make sure that everything else is taken care of by us.

Visit us and you will see for yourself.

We asked ourselves what is vitally important to our clients, and we arrived at the following values

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Sano Pilates & Wellness

The Wellness Barn

111a Swanston Road 


EH10 7DS




We don't claim to know everything but continue to learn everyday and aim to stay up to date with the latest research to offer you quality, high end effective classes



We aim to offer a fun, dynamic and carefully thought out moving experience because moving your body should feel great.


We do not characterise by appearance or ability and take great pleasure in seeing what the body can achieve at every size and every ability. 


We aim to create a welcoming, supportive and inclusive space and value every person that walks through the door regardless of fitness level or ability.  We embrace the differences between people and are fully invested in helping you achieve your goals. 

Making a Difference

We want to make a difference to our clients, our community, and our environment. 

Studio Owner
Heather Thompson-Barker

Business Owner 

Hi, I’m Heather and I run Sano Pilates and Wellness. I am a Beauty Therapist with over 20 years of experience in the Beauty & Wellness Industry and a Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor with a Diploma in Clinical Pilates teaching Mat & Reformer Pilates. 

I am passionate about helping people improve their own health through a person centred approach. 

I have a rare genetic disease that has been transformed by the power of Pilates and self-care of the body and mind.  My condition is commonly known as Brittle Bones and it causes a mutation in the way my body produces collagen making my bones and tissue very delicate and susceptible to breaking or damage.

Practicing Pilates daily along with self-care techniques have allowed me to safely strengthen the muscles around my bones helping me become physically strong. 

Pilates has reformed my body, from a rehabilitation patient to a physically strong and confident STOTT PILATES® Instructor. With the help of Reformer and Mat Pilates today I am the strongest I have ever been and have managed to stay (mostly!) injury-free.

Although I cannot change my genetic makeup my experience in the wellness industry and Pilates has made me passionate about helping people push past limitations safely and not accepting that those limitations will define you and what you can achieve to improve your overall health and well-being.

I look forward to working with you on your wellness journey. 


Yoga Teacher
Lianne Stewart

Lianne is our Seasonal Yoga & Mindfulness teacher. She is  a nature lover, nowhere does she feel more steady & present than with her bare feet on the earth & any nature scene around me. And so Seasonal Yoga spoke to her from the get go;


Seasonal Yoga is a vinyasa style practice rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. We look to nature for cues on energetic & emotional states and the intention & focus of our practices changes with the changing seasons reflecting nature’s energy.


She teach Seasonal vinyasa flow, Seasonal Yin, breathwork, meditation and mindfulness so you’ll find a little bit of everything in her classes.

Yoga Teacher
Lianne Stewart


Andrew R Headshot B&W.JPG

Pilates Matwork Instructor, Personal Trainer and
Strength and Conditioning coach
Andrew Raeburn

Pilates Matwork Instructor, Personal Trainer and
Strength and Conditioning coach
Andrew Raeburn

Andrew R Headshot B&W.JPG

Andrew is our Pilates Matwork, Pilates circuits, Pilates HIIT and Pilates Strength and Conditioning instructor. He graduated from Heriot-Watt University with a BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science with Psychology and has been working in Fitness and Wellbeing for over 12 years. He is a qualified Pilates Matwork Instructor, Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning coach with a background in athletics.

Having previously worked with elite athletes, Andrew has now turned his attention on the importance of using exercise as a tool towards a healthier body and mind. His love of teaching and Pilates really came to the fore during his time managing the Fitness and Wellbeing Programmes at Queen's University Belfast. This allowed him to work with a wide variety of individuals, ensuring that the staff and students were supported regardless of where they were on their health and wellbeing journey.

Andrew's passions are the great outdoors and improving the mental and physical health of others. No matter how extensive your exercise experience, you will leave his classes feeling stronger, healthier and with a smile on your face!

Beauty Therapist 
Carol Lee

Carol Lee Profile Image.jpg

Carol is our resident Beauty Therapist. Previously a College Lecturer with over 25 years’ experience she taught Beauty & Wellness Therapies for many years. Carol loves being hands on and getting to know her clients whilst providing a truly holistic service. She enjoys being able to help people understand the skin and body and how all our systems are interlinked. She believes we are all our own wee universes, and her aim is to help improve our psychological, physical, physiological selves via stress management, skin, and body care. She understands that what happens on the inside reflects what’s happening on the outside and her treatment therapies can be thought of as an investment in the future prevention of everyday stressors affecting our overall wellbeing.

She has worked with many international skincare brands and has even tried her hand at making her own products for family and friends.  Carol has done a ton of background research to find the best products to use that align with her values on cost, sustainability, efficiency of the products, animal cruelty and wanting to them to be as natural and organic as possible whilst reducing that all important carbon footprint.  

Carol is at her happiest when out in Nature, usually with her dog but also enjoys open water swimming all year round (without a wetsuit – yes, she is a bit mad) and she regularly meditates. She is also soon to be completing a Meditation Teaching qualification. Her mantra ‘never stop learning, an active brain is a happy brain’.


She is looking forward to meeting you at our amazing location of The Wellness Barn  and enjoying hikes to de-stress around work in The Pentlands, the best way to get an endorphin release.

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