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A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body


There are a number of reasons why you would choose Pilates. When you come to Sano Pilates & Wellness you can expect

Tailored Sessions

Holistic Approach

Passionate & Educated Instructor

Inclusive Environment

Safe & Soothing Studio Space

If you have been suffering with ongoing or recurring pain and feel frustrated then I can help you.

We will work together to set goals that are important to you and collaborate to achieve them.

I specialise in helping people who have tried massage, chiropractic, physiotherapy and good old "ignoring it and hoping it'll go away". 

I can help you even if you are super-unfit or not an exercise person. 

Some things Pilates will help you with are:

Full body strengthening and sculpting

Improved flexibility and mobility

Strengthened joints and injury prevention

Improved balance, coordination and body awareness

Decreased back pain and speedier recovery from injury

Better posture and core strength

Working with me normally requires you to do 2-3 sessions per week for around 6 weeks, depending on your condition and goals this can vary somewhat.

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Absolutely 100% recommend. I've been going to Heather's classes for over 2 years now including pre, during and post pregnancy. The reformer classes make your body feel amazing and are also enjoyable. I'm not a gym person - I'll only keep going with exercise if it's fun as well as good for me. If I have to miss classes for any reason (thank you lockdown) I can really feel the difference. My husband also goes regularly to Heather's classes and I've recommended them to friends too. Heather has a inclusive, friendly, clear teaching style and is committed to helping all her clients achieve their own personal goals.

Heather makes the sessions enjoyable and challenges you while ensuring you don’t feel outside of your comfort zone. I’d absolutely recommend that you give Reformer Pilates with Sano Pilates & Wellness a go.